Gin Experience

Visit our award-winning distillery and create your very own bottle of gin!

The City of Manchester Distillery, home to Manchester Three Rivers Gin is the City Centre’s first distillery and award-winning interactive Gin Experience, offering visitors a unique opportunity to appreciate and participate in the Gin Renaissance. 

As a visitor you can expect to tour the distillery, learn about the often illustrious, sometimes dark and unquestionably intriguing history of gin. As well as gaining an understanding of how gin’s diverse flavours are concocted, throughout the tour we offer you four complimentary drinks, from our perfect serve G&T’s to classic cocktails, before finally letting you loose on our mini copper pot stills where you will create your very own personalised bottle of gin to take home!


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This happens…

First and foremost we welcome you to the City of Manchester Distillery and put a Manchester Three Rivers Gin perfect serve G&T in your hand.

The tour begins with an introduction to our wonderful gin, a bit about our brief history and the story of how we came to be in the centre of the thriving metropolis that is Manchester.


Then this happens…

To know where we’re going it’s important to look at where we have been. So we take you on an immersive and interactive historical journey of gin: how it began, how it evolved, how it became infamous and what the future holds.


And this happens…

Every drop of Manchester Three Rivers Gin is hand crafted on site at the distillery and it will be our great pleasure to show you our beautiful copper pot still Angel whilst walking you around our production facility.


And finally…

At this point, with an understanding of the origins of gin and how gin is made, we move back to the gin school. Here you will learn all about the wide array of barks, berries, seeds, herbs and spices known as botanicals, which give gin its unique flavours and character.

Now it’s your chance to create your very own bottle of gin, using our mini copper pot stills you get to follow the exact process of a master distiller! We have over 50 botanicals for you to chose from, whether its madagascan vanilla, liquorice root or elderflower, let your tastebuds and imagination run wild! Our gin host will guide you through the subtleties of flavour combination and help you create a full 700ml bottle of gin for you to take home.

Naturally the tour finishes at our bar!

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